Drum and Bass

I’ve been listening to some drum and bass to get me through work. It actually makes work really easy because it’s not too distracting and gets you in a rhythm. So I’m listening to this internet radio station on my phone called BassDrive. This song comes on. It’s all bass drum, snares, and every so often a the same little tune played on a trumpet. That’s it. Nothing else. I’m not looking for musical genius, I just want rhythm. It goes on for ages, the same beat and riff. That’s drum and bass. A guy’s voice comes over and says

“Wow that was an excellent track, by ___, let’s listen to the next one, it’s really great too, it’s called ___”

I’m thinking, “Okay this guy must really love his drum and bass.” So the first song fades into the second very smoothly. Turns out the second song exactly the same song, with one note changed in the trumpet tune. Seriously ONE NOTE. I’m down with this though, I liked the first one. About 5 mins pass (you can’t really tell time properly with drum and bass), and the guys English accent interjects

“Hey that was another track by ____. Such a great track. Let’s check out another …”

3rd track is exactly the same as the first, but this time with violin instead of trumpet. EXACTLY THE SAME. I like drum and bass, but those barely count as songs, let alone separate songs.


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