Australian Christian Lobby buys the views they want on marriage

Congratulations Australian Christian Lobby. You’ve managed to buy a report which states exactly what you want: that the lack of marriage is ruining the world. Not only that, the press has lapped this report up at the same time as burying your financial involvement. The report I speak of is the For Kids’ Sake report, conducted by┬áPatrick Parkinson, a professor of law at Sydney University. Read More


I grew this rockmelon (cantaloupe) on my desk. I used old PET bottles as the pot and tray. I used my desk lamp to give it energy. The rockmelon seed came from a rockmelon I ate. There were originally hundreds of seeds in the pot, and a lot germinated, but at some point they all putrified and died. I though that was the end of them all. But then I used the heat from my desk lamp to warm the earth in the pot. A lonely seedingly came through, and this is its journey since 24/06/2011.