Liberal Party Fails at Chart Making

So the Liberal Party put up a chart on their Facebook page today. In case you miss it (or they take it down) here it is:


Now look at the axes on that chart. Something strange? Well, last time I checked 371 is not 6 times more than 222. Here’s what the chart should have looked like:

Liberal Fail

Looks a lot more reasonable, doesn’t it? The Liberal Party is guilty of one of two things here. Either they are bad at mathematics and graphing, OR they are deliberately trying to deceive the public. One way or another, these are not the type of people I would want to have run the country.

The end of farming: a hypothetical

This example is very rough and has plenty of flaws, but I would be interested in people’s answer to this, as it will uncover at least a little about the value system that leads to people’s justification for being meat eaters or reason for being vegetarian, as well as what type of utilitarian you are (if you are indeed one).

Imagine you live in a society where things seem to be a little off. You have all of your physical needs provided for you in this society. You receive some health care, shelter and enough food to keep going. Your diet consists of a mix of food provided to you by ‘the government’ and whatever you want to pick in the area in which you live. Life is pretty easy, but not that interesting. Read More