Bill Shorten says Obama should show ‘conscience’ and not come to G20 summit in Australia

This is a parody. Original can be found here.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says Barack Obama should “show enough conscience” not to come to Australia for next month’s G20 summit, accusing the US President of “rubbing our faces” in the aftermath of the international spy scandal by making the trip.

Mr Shorten on Monday scaled up his criticism of Mr Obama, whose attendance at the economic forum in Brisbane was confirmed by the government on Sunday.
Speaking to reporters in Melbourne, Mr Shorten said he understood the government could not act unilaterally to prevent Mr Obama from attending an international conference.
But he said he believed most Australians would not welcome the US President’s visit and “laying out the red carpet” was not the way to “deal with an international bully”.

“There’s plenty of evidence to indicate indirect if not direct presidential involvement in the NSA which saw literally fucking billions of people spied on, with no justification or rationale,” Mr Shorten said.

“How is it that the President of the United States will thumb his nose at the rest of the world, go wherever he wants without there being any repercussions or any cooperation with the independent investigation as to how this happened?

“I believe Obama knows more about what happened with the NSA than he’s let on.”

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