Are we already living in the post-scarcity era?

We humans have a problem: we want more than we have available to us. We feel like we can’t afford the things that we want because everyone else wants the same thing. In science fiction like Star Trek, people of the future can create their food, and almost anything else they need, using a replicator. Payment isn’t necessary, because the production costs are so cheap that there is an abundance of those things. This is what we would call a post-scarcity era. In a post-scarcity era, items are so cheap to manufacture that they are essentially free. Read More

Bank deposit guarantees

I have been thinking for a long time about a very serious discussion I had with my friend Alex about bank guarantees. There was a lot of arguing going on about whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. I think that we came to the agreement that bank guarantees are good when things are bad, but extremely bad when things are a bit more bad than usual. This is an article outlining the basic concepts of what a bank deposit guarantee is, what it is good and bad for, and also talking about potential alternatives. Read More

Why we live in the most interesting time in human history ever.

We live in the most interesting time in human history ever. And by ever I don’t mean in the past, I also mean in the future. The reason why is because we live in a world where knowledge and technology has moved forward at such a great rate that a very minute proportion of the population is responsible for technologies that we use on a daily basis. I am of course talking about computers, and I think that once my generation dies, there will be close to zero understanding of how computers work, whatever form they may take in the future. Read More