The end of farming: a hypothetical

This example is very rough and has plenty of flaws, but I would be interested in people’s answer to this, as it will uncover at least a little about the value system that leads to people’s justification for being meat eaters or reason for being vegetarian, as well as what type of utilitarian you are (if you are indeed one).

Imagine you live in a society where things seem to be a little off. You have all of your physical needs provided for you in this society. You receive some health care, shelter and enough food to keep going. Your diet consists of a mix of food provided to you by ‘the government’ and whatever you want to pick in the area in which you live. Life is pretty easy, but not that interesting. Read More

Consciousness and the mind upload problem- a thorough critique

It is popular for people to talk about mind uploading as part of our future as humans. Mind uploading involves the storage and recreation of a mind in a computer. Many futurists believe that this will become a part of most people’s end of life strategy. By uploading your brain, you can avoid the certain death of your physical body. Some even think that it will become popular to upload our minds earlier in our lives, to allow advantages such as being able to exist in a simulated world, or to avoid unexpected accidental death. An uploaded brain might be able to store ‘save points’ where an individual can go back to if their¬†artificial¬†body is destroyed. Read More

Proof against (an all loving) god

Are you sure that your god is all loving? Imagine a god, let’s say a Christian god, that is all knowing all loving and all powerful. Sounds about right doesn’t it? Well the bible says that only those who love Jesus and the God will go to heaven. But there are people in the world who have no idea about Christianity. They have no method of finding out about the bible. They live their whole lives and die without access to the bible, without praying to Jesus or even knowing that they should do this! God is all knowing, so he knows these people exist. He is all loving, hence he would want everyone to join him in heaven. And he is all powerful, meaning if he wanted to let those people love him, he would make sure a copy of the bible arrived on their doorstep immediately. But this never happened. Either the christian god doesn’t love everyone, or he doesn’t exist. Do you still think that your god loves everyone?